The Successful Real Estate Business Workbook

Cover - Workbook 1 pageThe Successful Real Estate Business Workbook is the tool you’ve been waiting for. This is a comprehensive and detailed handbook designed to teach real estate agents how to use leverage to help their business grow. This workbook has been designed to help the Agent and the Assistant work together to systematize and document every facet of the Agent’s real estate business.
     Created to work in conjunction with the book, How to Create a SUPER Real Estate Assistant, this workbook outlines the duties and tasks that can be “systematized and trained” for implementation by someone other than the Agent – basically taking those things off the Agent’s hands.
The Successful Real Estate Business Workbook is a valuable resource and tool for creating a blueprint for the Agent’s real estate business. As a result, this workbook has been carefully set up and designed to help an Agent guide an Assistant through the training process of the business. With the questions and information found throughout, an Assistant can essentially train themselves.
     As the Agent and/or the Assistant process through the questions and information provided, the workbook clearly defines each part of the business and what is required to set up and run its systems. Most importantly, after documenting and recording this training, the information can be used as a guide for setting up and creating a Systems Manual for the Successful Real Estate Agent and their team.
The Successful Real Estate Business Workbook contains an Appendix with dozens of forms that can be immediately utilized or used as samples to create new forms for the systems of an Agent’s day-to-day business operations. These forms will save hundreds of hours of time by providing ready-made templates that the business may need. An added bonus is that they may also inspire the creation of new systems and tools that might not currently be implemented as part of the Agent’s business.
 The Successful Real Estate Business Workbook is a great tool for:

  •   Real estate agents who are just starting out and need a great framework for a successful real estate business
  •   Successful and busy real estate agents who would like to create systems for leverage in their business
  •   Real estate assistants who need excellent training 
  •   Real estate agents with successful teams and systems who would like improve their team members’ understanding of systems and leverage by creating a comprehensive Systems Manual

     Written by two world-class veterans of the real estate industry, this book is the go-to guide for anyone interested in taking their real estate business to the next level.



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